Riyadh is opening of 40 new hotels in preparing for tourist visas

Published 2018-11-21 04:01:13

Riyadh expects to witness the construction of more than 40 new hotels in a total of 8,840 rooms and suites.

The top hotels, the highest-ranked hotels and tourism news portal, expects Riyadh to witness the construction of more than 40 new hotels between  2018 and 2021 with a  total  of 8,840 rooms and suites, in response to large numbers of travelers for tourism and business. The website pointed out that the number of hotels which will open before the end of 2018 is 16 hotels in preparation for the issuance of tourist visas, which will benefit 65 countries in the first phase and in accordance with the 2030 vision.


·         Riyadh new  hotels (2018 - 2021)       

·         First Class 23 – Luxury 17

·         20 Projects Under Construction

·         10 Projects to be planned

·         10 Hotels preparing for the openings

·         1798 the total number of hotels in the Kingdom is expected by end of 2020-2100

·         84 new hotels projects is expected to open during 2018

·         59 Projects Under Construction


Source: Alwatan Online

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