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Alia Aldiqs

Alia Aldiqs

Alia Al Diqs, a Saudi national artist. She completed her Bachelors of Arts degree in English literature from King Saud University . Upon graduation, she took the role of an English teacher for 5 years in several public schools to make a difference in the lives of little girls. Besides her teaching career, at one point she developed an interest in gourmet cooking and has excelled and was about to start her catering company until she realized her true passion in Art. Europe particularly France and Spain, has significantly inspired her art work. The rich bright colors in the narrow alleys, the magnificent landscape and the blend of female figurine in statutes and European Art, have inspired her to pursue her passion for Art manifested in pastel and oil paintings. She joined several art courses and tutored by some of the best artists in Riyadh . Her passion for abstract painting led her to intensive workshops in the south of France , where she experienced new techniques and styles. Her paintings almost always had female character in them . She believes that the woman is a very important part of society, she is the source of life . She gives strength to those around her. The art that Alia creates carries the same message over and over again. Through her art, she talked about tolerance in society, acceptance of different cultures.over the past four years , she has brought together female artists from from all over the world . She created a group called synergy and they have done four exhibitions together . This group unifies her ideologies in that it is comprised of women , and that they all come from very different cultures and backgrounds. She is a member in the art and culture society and art club . She has taken part in several of their events, and she exhibited in a number of exhibitions locally and internationally

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Website: www.aliaaldiqsart.crevado.com


Stand No.: C-82


Sector: Accessories

Subsector: Art, Picture Frames

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Instagram: aliaaldiqsart

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use : oil color 100*100 cm
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100*120 cm oil color
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120*150 oil colors
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100* 120 cm oil color
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oil color
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