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Khalai Jimase

Khalai Jimase

I am an artist from Kenya. Art is a lifetime habit, I was constantly sketching everything within my line of vision. I always felt the need to duplicate things on paper, alter the drawings and eventually create something new and breathtaking. Creativity is the very essence of who I am. It feeds my soul. I create art to convey my feelings. My art is a gentle confrontation about what I go through, what I feel, and what I may be unwilling to express verbally. My art is a mirror into my soul; each time I paint I reflect into my past, bring forth a memory, and in so doing, make a creation so vibrant, essentially changing my past into my future. Sometimes my art is premeditated, most of the time, something will catch my eye, spark my interest. This may form the basis of an art piece. I let the painting lead the way, applying colors that feel right. Most of my work is acrylic on canvas, paper or wood. Occasionally I create sculptures. I have had the opportunity to exhibit my work, solo, within the city of Riyadh, twice. I have also worked with other artists in several group exhibitions. My art is strongly influenced by Dr. Kennedy A. Manyonyi, medical doctor who taught me to always think outside the box, to always use what is available and to put my heart and soul in everything I do.

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