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Vision Synergy’s vision is to be ambassadors of peace, tolerance, love and to be recognized globally and exhibit our work in different parts of the world. Mission Our art has a mission which is integration of cultures through art.

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Website: N/ِِِA

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Stand No.: C-82


Sector: Accessories

Subsector: Art, Picture Frames

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Facebook: Synergy Group

Twitter: synergy_artist

Google+: synergy.group

Instagram: synergy_artist

Brands List

Image Brand name Description Country
synergy synergy paintings and artistic accessories Saudi Arabia

Product List

Image Product name and Description
Amal 1 Amal 1
Water Color
Amal 2 Amal 2
Portrait- water color
Amal 3 Amal 3
Abstract Acrylic on Canvas
Amal 4 Amal 4
Abstract Acrylic on Canvas
Amal 6 Amal 6
some of our beloved has gone, their soles are still with us
amal 5 amal 5
Abstract on canvas
Amal 7 Amal 7
water color
Amal 8 Amal 8
Water color
Amal 9 Amal 9
Water Color
Amal 10 Amal 10
Oil on Canvas
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