Decofair Design Awards

Decofair Design Awards

Decofair Design Awards is a platform for dynamic professional architects and interior designers where they can find their niche and stand out in the crowd. The aim of Decofair Design Awards is to bring more exposure to exceptionally talented and creative designers and to provide them with the opportunity to meet and network with decision makers and project directors from the architecture and design industry.

The Awards will be judged by industry experts including leading international architects, interior designers, and real estate developers.


DDA 2017 Winners

سراج محمود سراج مندورة

المركز الأول / التصميم المعماري – طلاب

نوف مالك محمود

المركز الأول / التصميم المعماري – محترفين

وعد خالد الغامدي

المركز الأول / التصميم الداخلي – طلاب


المركز الأول / التصميم الداخلي – محترفين

هتاف عبدالله صلام

المركز الأول / تصميم الاثاث

DDA 2016 Winners

Abdullah Ahmed Alessa

Architectural Design Award - Professional

We'am Ismail Ahmed Fatani - KAU

Furniture Design Award

Value's Company

Interior Design Award - Professional

Nuha Saleh Almuraisel

Interior Design Award - Student

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