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Decofair Welcomes The Portuguese Pavilion
EXHIBITOR: Segurtec – Portugal
Segurtec is a company focused on the development of solutions in what concerns the technological innovation. Since the opening of the company, we are always developing partnership inorder to get and deepened our new acquaintances.
EXHIBITOR: Fertini Casa - Portugal
Fertini designs and produces high decoration furniture complements using the highest quality materials and textures, creating a luxury environment.

Born of a mixture of design, tradition and avant garde, our furniture is a true masterpiece of high decoration, made by Portuguese furniture master craftsmen using noble traditional Portuguese woods and a fusion of innovative modern materials.

Our project comes alive with the dedication to quality and through the passion, imagination and luxury that we put in every piece that we create.
EXHIBITOR: Green Apple Home Style - Portugal
Green Apple International Trading is a Portuguese based company with international activity, that is dedicated to furniture design, manufacturing and distribution, ornaments, linen and lighting, for private housing and hotelware, by the name of Green Apple Home Style.

With Green Apple Home Style brand, we are able to develop exquised collections, creating elegant and sophisticated pieces that are manufactured according to the highest quality and functionality standards.

Our ceaselessly seek for innovation, when concerning materials and design, enables us to nurture unique style collections, who emanate contemporaneity, comfort and exclusivity.
NAUU DESIGN was born in 2013 out of an experience of more than two decades related to Interior Design in Portugal.

It is a brand that conceptualizes; designs and produces luxury & bespoke furniture with exclusive design. ​

Created in Setúbal beside the Sado river, NAUU DESIGN is a brand that wants to take cross-border the strength and the distinction of one of the richest regions of Portugal. ​

It is this strength and this distinction that we embed into all our pieces and we want to convey to our customers.
EXHIBITOR: Emotional Brands – Portugal
Emotional Brands is a creative studio with know-how in art, furniture and lighting design and décor. Emotional Brands designs, develops and promotes a group of young high-end brands which were carefully created for their style and personality.

Emotional Brands differentiation strategy, based on the balance between tradition and innovation, is working to arouse emotions in potential customers, design and art lovers alike. All of the unique products developed by our brands have a strong sense of origin, making it a perfect fit for worldly and refined interior projects. More than products, our sophisticated pieces aim to always tell a passionate story, reflect its inspiration and promote our immense heritage and culture.
Decofair offers suppliers and manufacturers the opportunity to present their products and design innovations across 9 sectors, including:
Furniture, Lighting, Design Materials, Home Accessories, Textiles, Home Automation Systems, Kitchen & Bathroom Products, Flooring, Design & Architectural Services.
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