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Check out August Featured Exhibitors
EXHIBITOR: Distretto Design - Italy / Saudi Arabia
DISTRETTO DESIGN operates as both retail and a design and project management service, from its studio and showroom in Jeddah. Our showroom is not just a store, it is a place of your comfort, where we have a fascinating mix of products, ideas, people and services offering complete solutions for your ideal internal and external spaces.
EXHIBITOR: Barbo Design - Turkey
Barbo furniture believes modern designs do not tire human spirit out but give a refreshing feeling. It targets to catch the differing one in turkish design world through both its aesthetic and functional concepts. Barbo furniture was founded in 1994 after 30 years background on hospital furniture in switzerland and is a brand committed itself to quality and aesthetics in production of modern house furniture. Barbo furniture, introducing its new collections, designed every year and produced in turkey through its shops both in turkey and switzerland, now continues distributor forming works in germany and france. Barbo furniture provides two years product warranty for its furniture designs.
EXHIBITOR: Taitu Milano - Italy
TAITÙ was the first to bring the colour on the table, introducing amazing collections, able to arouse strong emotions and to convey optimism and joie de vivre in everyday lifetime as well as in your special occasions.

Since 1960, when the first flagship store opened its doors in Via Bigli in Milan, every object designed by TAITÙ has been the harbinger of a “gentle” revolution that makes the act of gathering round the table the last defence against the hurry of our time. Because the act of sitting down at the table and sharing meals are part of an ancient rite that leads us to share even more: time, glances, emotions. .
EXHIBITOR: Fertini Casa - Portugal
Fertini designs and produces high decoration furniture complements using the highest quality materials and textures, creating a luxury environment.

Born of a mixture of design, tradition and avant garde, our furniture is a true masterpiece of high decoration, made by Portuguese furniture master craftsmen using noble traditional Portuguese woods and a fusion of innovative modern materials.

Our project comes alive with the dedication to quality and through the passion, imagination and luxury that we put in every piece that we create.
EXHIBITOR: Granorte - Portugal
GRANORTE is a Portuguese company, founded in 1972 to recycle the cork waste from the cork stoppers manufacturing. From the beginning we gained a reputation all over the world thanks to the excellent quality of our cork products.

The vast knowledge in our special field allowed us to develop into an expanding producer of cork technical solutions. Today, GRANORTE offers a complete range of cork products from granulated to agglomerated cork, cork rolls, wall and floor coverings.
EXHIBITOR: Rama - Saudi Arabia
RAMA is recognized for creating warm and peaceful environments through inventive and thoughtful design.

We transform ideas creating unique and elegant architecture and interior design and we also bring discipline, respect and intuition to our work public and private, commercial retail, residential, private homes and community development, by adopting a modern design approach and with careful analysis of every detail.
Rony Haddad, Group Exhibition Director
Mobile: +966 54 0066 567
Email: rony.haddad@reedsunaidiexpo.com

Khulud Durri, Show Manager
Mobile: +966 55 5078 119
Email: khulud.durri@reedsunaidiexpo.com
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