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2015-10-06 05:40:13 How to do business in Saudi Arabia!
We are delighted to announce our Business Content Partner at Decofair 2015 "Arabian Enterprise Incubators" A  British run company, AEI Saudi was founded in 2012 to  meet the demand from foreign companies for a low-risk structured approach to doing business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. F...
2015-10-01 03:16:50 UAE leads the region for hotel construction with 170 projects
The UAE has the highest number of ongoing hotel projects in the Middle East and Africa region, followed by Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Morocco.TOPHOTELPROJECTS, a provider of global hotel data, stated the UAE has 170 ongoing hotel projects, comprising 63,970 rooms.Dubai accounted for 119 of these proje...
2015-09-27 04:53:48 Commit, don't commute: the secret to winning in Saudi Arabia
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has not had a quiet year: the accession of King Salman, two new crown princes, a new young defence minister, military operations in Yemen, waning oil prices and contentious visits to the French Riviera are but a few of the topics that have drawn the usually low-profile co...
2015-09-13 04:25:25 Samuele Mazza Outdoor Collection by DFN: on stage classic and glamorous style
DFN proceeds its development activities in the outdoor collection by Samuele Mazza, proposing new products and new unusual finishes. This confirms its undisputed ability to fit outdoor spaces with a balanced blend of classic and glamorous style. Under the prestigious Sole Gazebo (now collection’...

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